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,500 dedubbletble. needless to say she's not happy. she's not happy with the obama pran and she's not happy with the exchange and she's quite honestly worried about the pharmacy she's going to go to. she's not likely to have insurance next year. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from north carolina rise? mrs. ellmers: i ask unanimous done sent -- consent to address the house for one minute, revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mrs. ellmers: mr. speaker, i rise today to speak on behalf of north carolinians. i'd like to share the story of mary anne and donald. they are among the 160,000 north carolinians whose policies have been canceled and whose premiums are going up. donald and i both had a $5,000 dedubblet county -- deductible individual h.s.a. policy and both are canceled now. our premiums are more than doubling under the replacement policies. i can't -- i contacted blue cross/blue shield and learned they are required by law to roll us into
on c-span. our series continues live monday as we look at first lady pat nixon. >> president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom to 16 people in a white house ceremony today. recipients of the nation's highest civilian honor in court -- included the clinton and the late astronaut sally ride. this is a little less than an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the recipient of the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] mr. ernie banks. mr. ben bradley. [applause] the honorable bill clinton. [applause] inoue accepting in honor of her husband. kahneman. the honorable richard lugar. ms. loretta lynn. [applause] dr. mario molina. [applause] ms. pam accepting on behalf of her late partner, sally ride. [applause] mr. walter nagel accepting on behalf of his partner, bayard rustin. mr. arturo sandoval. ms. smith accepting on behalf of her husband, mr. dean smith. ms. gloria steinem. [applause] reverend c.t. vivian. the honorable patricia wald. ms. oprah winfrey. [applause] ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the presi
johnson. >> the obama administration announced wednesday that within beenirst month sign-up has available, more than 100,000 people have been enrolled for the state and federal marketplaces while another 846,000 completed applications. statistics released by hhs also shows that 1.5 million applied for insurance with more than one million being eligible for coverage. sebelius spoke with reporters in a conference call. >> thank you. i want to start by thanking those who you will hear from in a minute and they would be happy to answer more of your questions . today, we're releasing a report octoberollment data for 1 through november 2. the numbers tell two very clear stories. in every part of our country, americans are very interested in affordable health coverage being offered through the marketplace and medicaid. even with the issues we have had come in marketplace is working and people are enrolling over the phone, on paper, and online. as of this first time, 106,000 americans have enrolled in qualified health plans through and 396,000ace learned they may be eligible for medicaid or chip.
and thought we could keep our insurance. mark and john were given a promise by president obama. telling them to wait one year when the promise is broken for good isn't an honest solution. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from the northern mariana islands seek recognition? mr. sablan: i rise to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. sablan: mr. speaker, 40 years ago, hosea -- jose, a visionary from the northern mariana islands, founded the acific insurance underwriters. hotels, tourists and investors were starting to appear. yet, we were still in our economic infancy. insurance was hard to obtain, many did not appreciate the value of insurance. it took courage for him and his partners to invest in pacifica. but over 40 years the business has flourished and pacifica has lived up to the great responsibility of every insurer. when the need arises, they have been there for their customers. pacifica has set an example of corporate resp
with obama, we will have that live for you at 1:30 eastern here on c-span. and news that impacts more than 47 million americans who receive food stamps through the supplemental nutrition assistance program. that program is facing a cut as temporary funding through the federal stimulus expires today. congress, which has the authorization to stop the cutback over negotiations over the farm bill, which includes funding for food stamps and the nutrition program -- they face a large device -- large divide between the house and senate bill. that is $4 billion for the program while the house version/is nearly $40 billion over 10 years. president obama delivered the remarks at a memorial service for house speaker tom foley who passed earlier this week last week at the age of 84. the spoke and need of served in the house of representatives for 30 years, eventually losing reelection in 1995. other speakers include former president bill clinton, house speaker john boehner, and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of the colors, the singing of the united
of president obama's white house team, valerie jarrett. a senior adviser to the president and a longtime confidant of the president. she oversees the office of andgement and affairs chairs the white house council on women and girls. she was the chief executive officer of the habitat company. baldry has held positions in both the public and private sectors and hails from chicago before coming to washington, d.c. lees give gentlemen, a warm welcome to valerie jarrett. [applause] good morning, everyone. you look fantastic out there. we are all delighted to be here. i would like to begin by congratulating a secretary who has truly hit the ground running since the apartment. has traveled all over the world and gave a party and everyone showed up. you showed up and we were surprised. i also want to give credit to former secretary and now an ofassador who was the brain -- two years ago. we stand up so we can welcome you. [applause] you will be hearing from president obama a little bit later today. let me say a few words about why the summit and why select u.s.a is so important. encouraging inve
characteristics is that the rouhani initiative to the u.s. and president obama's despond has driven iran and saudi arabia into the same corner. that is quite an achievement. both israel and saudi arabia are very, very uncomfortable with the possibility of the ongoing negotiations with iran. with some israelis -- you can becausey "the israelis" it is too interesting and diverse, but some israelis believe and probably many more saudi's believe is that the iranians are doing this to buy time to my that they are not sincere, they don't mean it. rouhani will not be able to deliver. in other words, they believe iran will do what i believe bashar al-assad is doing with the chemical weapons program. thatsense, if you accept accusation about syria, it certainly deserves to be considered about iran. it is my personal view that the risk is certainly worth taking. and indeed, if we are right, the big beneficiaries are likely to be both israel and saudi arabia, who will will not be under the sword of some sort of iran nuclear program. what if i'm wrong? that is the question. lomo six back in -- aviv or sitting
, the keep your health plan act now. the obama administration's health exchange enrollment announcement on wednesday is one of the myriad reasons we must pass this bill. frankly, these long-awaited numbers did not come as a surprise to us. a mere 100,000 registered for health care on the new marketplace when they anticipated 500,000. according to health and human services' report, the number does not distinguish even between those who have actually paid a premium and those who just select the plan by kicking a button on the website. mr. speaker, the number of americans who have had their health plans canceled is in the millions, exponentially higher than those who have received coverage under obamacare. this disastrous law was destined to fail from the start. we on this side of the aisle, the republicans, and indeed the american people, have known for three years that this plan is unworkable for small businesses, it's unfair for physicians and their patients and it's unaffordable for we the taxpayer, we the people. i urge my colleagues, support h.r. 3350 and i yield back the balance of
obama's choice to head the federal reserve. ms. yellen is the current vice chair of the federal reserve board of governors. she would replace ben bernanke who is stepping down after two terms. you can see that hearing live thursday starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. it will also be on c-span3. this weekend, book tv looks back at the life and death of our 35th president on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. beginning saturday at 1:30 p.m. eastern, with authors martin sadler, ira stall and others. plus an authors panel relives november 22, 1963. it's all part of book tv this weekend on c-span2. and don't forget, book tv's book club for november wants to know what kennedy books you're reading. post your thoughts in our book club chat room. >> from a young age, she loved to write. she would often create poems as gifts for her parents on christmas and birthdays. she would write a poem and illustrate it. we have two early examples here. from when she was about 10 years old. in the fall of 1950, she entered "vogue's" very well known writing contest and her winning essays. one was a self-p
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